Sky Conquerors

Sky Conquerors is minimalistic RTS (real time strategy) game set in a world populated by floating islands developed in 3 days for the Godot WildJam #15.

You will have the opportunity to control the life of a new civilization, in an archipelago that will be procedurally generated every time you start a new game. Each island will offer some resources in a randomic amount, and eventually it will be inhabited by a hostile civilization. Conquer all islands to win, but pay attention to your resources! Floating islands do not have unlimited  forests or mines, so manage your resources in the best way you can do and move to other islands only when you feel ready. A mysterious fog will cover the view until you explore with your units, so always bring with you some soldiers.


  • Left Mouse Button - Select a Unit or a Structure

  • Click and drag (left mouse button) - Area Selection

  • Shift + Left Mouse Button - Multiple Unit Selection

  • Right Mouse Button - Move Units or give orders (on a structure)

  • ESC - Options

  • WASD or Middle Mouse Button - Move the camera around

  • Mouse Wheel Up/Down or Numpad + / - - Zoom in / Zoom out


  • Development, graphics, music: fenix

  • Titlescreen music: "electrofantasy" 3:57 

  • Game music: "floating symphony" 2:12

  • Button sound: multimedia-click

  • Background Sky photos: non commercial-use photos from Google

  • Game Font: JSL Ancient

A huge thanks to my sister for helping me with concept and logics