File Editor

What is this?

This is a little plugin I've made to easily edit text files in your project folder.

How does it work?

You can open an existing file, create a new file and delete a file. When opening / creating a file, the editor will open and you will be able to edit it and save it. You can just *Save* the file, or *Save file As* a new file (if it is a new file but also to make some copies). You will also be able to see some informations about the file you are editing (time and date of last edit) and you can set your editor to *Read Only* if you don't want to make changes but still read the content of the file. Multiple files can be opened in different tabs.


How do I install it?

Manual Just download this whole repository and put it in your `res://addons` folder inside the project you want to work on. Then, go to `Project > Plugins > "File Editor" > Status > Activate`.

Automatic You can find this plugin in the AssetLib of Godot Engine Editor. Just download it from there and everything should be fine! (Remember to activate this plugin)

Supported formats

  • "*.txt ; Plain Text File",

  • "*.rtf ; Rich Text Format File",

  • "*.log ; Log File",

  • "*.md ; MD File",

  • "*.doc ; WordPad Document",

  • "*.doc ; Microsoft Word Document",

  • "*.docm ; Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document",

  • "*.docx ; Microsoft Word Open XML Document",

  • "*.bbs ; Bulletin Board System Text",

  • "*.dat ; Data File",

  • "*.xml ; XML File",

  • "*.sql ; SQL database file",

  • "*.json ; JavaScript Object Notation File",

  • "*.html ; HyperText Markup Language"

  • "*.cfg ; Configuration File"

  • "*.ini ; Initialization File (same as .cfg Configuration File)"

  • "*.csv ; Comma-separated values File"

  • "*.res ; Resource File"


This addon was built for a personal use intention. It was released as an open source plugin in the hope that it could be useful to the Godot Engine Community. As a "work in progress" project, there is *no warranty* for any eventual issue and bug that may broke your project. I don't assume any responsibility for possible corruptions of your project files. It is always advisable to keep a copy of your files and check any changes.