Demon Reaper


A new demon was sent to Daemonia to allow the land to live a quiet and peaceful life. Recovering humanity fragments and possessing humans is not a simple task though, especially for a newbie like you.

Start your adventure, explore the Overworld and become the most powerful in charge of Demonia's "Possess & Sacrifice" section ever! Control your enemies. Possess humans.


Doropu is always watching you.


Your journey begins in Daemonia, known by humans as "Underworld". As the new in charge of  the "Possess & Sacrifice" section, your job is to recover humanity fragments possessed by humans in  the Overworld and bring them back to Daemonia. Humanity fragments are Daemonia's currency, and everything in Demonia has a price. To earn humanity fragments you have to Occupy and Possess a human. In order to do these tasks: 1. Find the prey you prefer (defended by entities called Guardians) 2. Attack and Occupy their souls 3. Defeat each Guardian that is defending the soul

The occupation phase has a timer (which you can increase with enough humanity fragments). If you die during an occupation, you will lose everything. If the occupation phase's timer is up before you defeat each guardian, you will be kicked out from the soul, and his human will vanish. If you succeede during the occupation phase, you will possess the human's soul and will control as many guardians as your control power will allow you (you can increase your control power with humanity fragments). These guardians will fight with you against human's guardians during your next occupation phase. Each time you possess a human and earn his humanity fragments, guardans of the humans remained in the Overworld will become more and more strong. Choose wisely when to get back to the Underworld: once you are there, if you access the Overworld you will lose every progress you've made, and you will have to possess, earn fragments and control guardians again.



  • LEFT CLICK  - Melee Attack

  • WASD - Movements

  • E - Interact

  • TAB - Statistics

  • ESC - Menu


A game by: fenix (Nicolò Santilio)

Position: #11/28 of Godot Wild Jam #7

Music, graphic and concept: fenix (Nicolò Santilio) Font: HamletOrNot

It was my first attempt to make a game during a jam, and also my first attempt to make and publish a game ever. Even though it is not completed due to university and several commitments, I am proud of what I have achieved in almost 4 days and I will keep on updating this little project with all my effort and motivation over the jam.

Thank you for playing.